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Gone For So Long!

I’ve been gone for so long! And for that I am sorry. 

I want to tell you everything that has happened. But it’s boring. Let’s just say its all “work” related. Good things have happened. Two Major Good Things… My husband and I purchased our first home and we have new puppy. A huge puppy. A German Shepard and American Pit-bull mix. 🙂 He’s only 9 months and he’s getting bigger every day. AND! He has so much energy. It’s a workout just to keep up with him. (Pictures will be posted up soon)

I’ve been slacking in the reading department. (very sad face inserted here) My job has been quite, quite stressful the last few months. I’ve been promoted to Supervisor but unfortunately that entitles to longs strenuous hours at work and at home. So for the lack of posting and writing, please blame them.

Even though I haven’t read as much as I liked, I did read a bit. I will be posting reviews on the series. I BET! Everyone has read them. lol

But Yall! So sorry for not posting. I’m coming back to my happy place and GETTING IT DONE! Yes!






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