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Just a snippet…

SO, this is special I’m going to be adding a snippet of one of my books in here! (really happy/anxious face).


As of right now its called Ever’s Winter, but it can change.

Ever’s Winter  by K. Cowley



I remember the pain. I remember everything about that day. The breath escaping my lungs in a scream. The pain radiating through me, coursing from its source.


Even now, I want to scream from the memory. To rip apart my flesh from its bone. To just… Stop. The. Pain.


I wouldn’t believe what I am if I hadn’t noticed the changes. I f I wasn’t experiencing them myself. This can’t be true. I can’t be what I am. I can’t be a monster. I’ve read the stories and fairy tales but if you told me this would happen to me; I would not believe you.


The day still haunts me. It’ still fresh in my memory and I still have a taunting reminder on my forearm.


I rub my scar while I’m standing in front of my mirror and acknowledge the changes. Not only in my physical appearance but the air around me is different. My own mother acts differently near me. She doesn’t know but I notice the way she looks at me. It’s a mixture of fear, confusion and sadness.


My sister has become weary of me. Instead of making fun of me like she normally would, she avoids me. I know she secretly fears me.


I know I look different, but I’m still me. Kind of. I act different. My hair is thicker, shinier even. My eyesight has improved, I no longer need glasses. My skin is clear and glowing. But one thing that changed the most are my eyes. Once a dark grey are now a pale blue. I have to tell my mom that I’m wearing contacts. I don’t think she believes me but she’s too scared to ask. She doesn’t want to know the truth. But I want to know the truth. I want to know why. Why me?


Every night I have dreams of the wolf staring down just at me the instance before he bites into me. His pale blue eyes staring right into mine.


That day of course was one of the worst days of my life. But, in reality, it was one of the best.

Well, let me explain…


Thanks for reading! Leave comments below and tell me what you think . Would you keep reading?


Love, kesh♥


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